Werner Popken on art and more


The artist in his studio 1983 · © Copyright Werner Popken · © Copyright Werner Stürenburg

The artist in his studio 1983

Named Werner Popken divorced Stürenburg, born Missbach in 1948, signature joe.
Studies in Mathematics, Physics, Art History, Philosophy in Berlin, New Orleans, Bielefeld since 1966. 1976 PhD in Mathematics. High school teacher (math, art) until 1982, free lancing since.
First one-man show “Werner Stürenburg” at Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren in 1983 with catalog. Basel Manifesto published at art Basel 1984. Gallery exhibitions in Germany and Europe. Many works in private and public collections.

You find the same blog in German here. My personal homepage is stuerenburg.com. In particular you find a gallery, bilingual texts and a bilingual blog, part of which is republished here as well.

Paintings at the wall are featured at What is art?
Quotes my father wrote in his late days are pubished at Wer schreibt der bleibt.
You find my haikus at Meine Haikus.
Quotes I find worth pubishing are at Zitate aus meiner Lektüre.

There is an artist interview in English and in German.

I publish my political statements in favor of Bandbreitenmodell and ddp at Bandbreitenmodell & ddp.


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