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January 29, 2007

Data available

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The perception of any object is strongly influenced by its dimensions. This is particularly true for pictures. Some seem to be bigger, some smaller than they really are. To get an idea of the original, it is necessary to know its dimensions.

Hence I’m bothered when I have to look it up in books tediously, sometimes in the appendix, and maybe they don’t even give the information anywhere. According to me, the dimensions would be placed right next to the other vital information.

Cutout from the original scan of No. › 292 (see › Male or female?) · © Copyright Werner Popken · © Copyright Werner Stürenburg

Cutout from the original scan of No.  292 (see  Male or female?)

That’s why I couldn’t rest until I had added all this information to the gallery. Now I feel much better.

Pretty similar to the last, but more intensely, this cutout from painting 292 shows tremendous wit. This figure is so funny that I begin to chuckle if I look at this guy for some time. All three seem to be taken from the Punch and Judy show.


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